Word of the day, courtesy of an @ernestjournal back issue… slubberdegullion is official part of my word hoard now.

Inconsiderata - an ode to digital technology and influencers:

Override quiet and thoughtful people, they are impediments. Compare yourself with others frequently, ignore those lesser than you as they are a waste of effort, and suck up to those still better than yourself.


Fog is making the Adur impressionistic today.

I have a Brydge keyboard for my trusty old 9.7 inch iPad Pro and I suddenly have my perfect on-the-go device.

I have a suspicion that there would be a decent market for adult Hula Hoops, that fit on adult-sized fingers…

Some useful thoughts on the appeal of newsletters — and the appropriate tone for writing them.

With Assistant update, Google says Nest has secret microphone

🤦🏼‍♂️ 🤦🏼‍♂️ 🤦🏼‍♂️

I still can’t believe that people are voluntarily filling their houses with corporate listening devices. But sneaking one in? Oh, Google.


A week of podcasting with only an iPad Pro.

More and more of the things “you can’t use an iPad for” are falling…

Today in poor ratios: I will spend between five and six hours travelling to do one two hour lecture. 🚂

Why blogs still matter even in the resurgent newsletter age.

(h/t @cdevroe for the original link)

Lessons from 1000 editions of a links newsletter.

It’s all about the basics.

The rest of the “information wants to be free” quote (because I’m annoyed at how often people quote it in a way that makes it clear that they don’t know there’s more to it…)

I call this piece “the entitlement of SEO spammers”. 🖼

Winchester does ruins magnificently.

Coffee Break

Edgcumbes Coffee Roasters & Tea Blenders.

A coffee break in a great wee coffee place on the outskirts of Arundel. There’s some great coffee in Sussex.

This is not at all disconcerting.

Beautiful sky over Winchester this evening.

Cracking edition of my newly-renamed newsletter going out in the morning (if I do say so myself). It should be of particular interest to those in audience engagement or engaged journalism…

It seems increasingly clear to me that the societal stress we’re experiencing right now was well predicted in the 1970 book Future Shock. Our societies are in that state, thanks to the transformative effects of digital technology and the internet.

Dave Winer:

Discourse is not Twitter’s strength, not because of the thread structure, rather that it’s a write-only community of attention seekers 🔥

Even "green" wealthy people consume impact the climate disproportionately

Well, this is depressing:

And even fairly radical lifestyle changes are meaningless at the level of global emissions unless they are multiplied by many millions. To imagine lifestyle choices making a substantial dent in global warming is to imagine a goodly portion of the world’s rich people voluntarily living a lifestyle that is relatively ascetic even by US middle-class standards.

Lessons from two months of #2minutebeachclean

For the last couple of months, my daughters and I have been doing a #2minutebeachclean pretty much every Sunday - concentrating on the same small patch of the beach.

While it’s been delightful spending the time by the sea, playing with the girls, and watching them become more aware of their environment, the sheer volume of plastics we’re pulling out of that small patch of the beach is depressing.

It’s been a case of not really realising the depth of a problem until you stare it in the face — and it’s making me think about all the purchasing decisions I make, but also what else we can do as a family to help turn this around.

What have we done?

I know all the hip joints!

Still can’t quite believe that I turned down the chance to work on this beauty - but it was the right decision at that time of my life.


An article designed for @ismhThe joy of collecting old tech