I just realised what you get if you spell my youngest’s name backwards. Hey, Iris…

Steyning Adventure

A school holidays adventure day exploring a neighbouring town.

How Facebook distorted human interactions on the altar of engagement.

Really enjoyed editing and prepping for publication a guest post for the Next Conference blog. However, it did remind me yet again how often we ignored warnings in the past about the way we implemented digital technology.

Someone who self-describes as “brutally honest” is probably either a delusional bully or just plain rude.

Once upon a time, I was generally excellent.

Gotta say - I’m proud of my wee girl.

The time has come…

The interesting thing not really explored by the article, is that the rating the author puts himself through is just a more extreme version of what happens to us every day on social networks: [The World of Rated People: Inside the Dystopian Future of Social Credit Scores GQ](https://www.gq.com/story/whats-my-rating-social-credit-score?mbid=synd_digg&utm_source=digg&utm_medium=email)

Bluetooth keyboard for an iPhone? Sure!

Happy post-holiday reading.

Interesting - Slack has shifted their blog off Medium to WordPress. Now at: slackhq.com

Lovely piece about both the incredible potential of computational photography - and the romance of film.

My goodness, this makes me want to visit Sweden. (Especially the cabin/boat thing. Want.)

You have to wonder if anyone at Facebook has ever heard the phrase “when in a hole, stop digging”.

Watching your partner fall in love with someone else - on Strava. Leaky public data and unintended consequences…

The worst typo when you meant “general”

I’ve been largely absent from Twitter for months. I’ve been giving a little thought as to why: Twitter’s “them and us” problem

It’s getting to the point when I find a corporate or organisation “blog” that actually has an RSS feed, I’m surprised. We’ve fallen a long way on direct engagement tech.

This is not the Beano of my youth - and that’s a good thing: Beano Launches New Comic Strip Focused On Mobile Phones And Kids’ Mental Health

Under 50 e-mails in my inbox. 🙌🏻